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Here is a list of regional groups!

If you would like your group added please Contact Me

Absolute Zero

The Blenders

Great Plains Harmony

Marcoux Corner

The Outer Court - From Bismarck??

aka 'Fellas

Aural Pleasure

Purple Haze

Exit 69

The Knights

The Accidentals

BreakPoint has another site Here

Acappella Xpress

Blue Jupiter

Soop Dijur

ETC - No Longer Together

From Macalester College The Traditions

The Limestones - St. Olaf College

Casual Sextet


3 Hits & A Miss

The Dale Warland Singers

Dare To Breathe

Four Shadow

Circle of Fifths from Wayzata High School

Tonic Sol-Fa


The Half Steps

Poor Baker's Dozen

Rochester Male Chorus

Go Fish

Rose Ensemble

Voice Trek

If you would like your group added please Contact Me


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